Doctoral Supervision

Amy L. Fraher

I have supervised a broad range of graduate students, some of whom have gone on to become successful scholars and others who have pursued careers in a wide range of industry sectors.

My research is largely qualitative and typically ethnographic. For example, I have conducted studies of airline pilots, US Navy SEALs, law enforcement officers, and surgical teams. My publications fall into two broad categories:
1) Critical crisis management studies examining organizational dysfunction and disaster; and

2) Critical empirical studies of work and workplaces.

I am particularly interested in supervising qualitative doctoral research in the following areas:

  • Mindfulness in action
  • Leadership and team breakdown
  • Occupational identity in risky work
  • Workplace studies focusing on stories, narratives and discourse analysis
  • The darkside of organizational life
  • Psychodynamics of workplace survival
  • Sense-making and processes of organizing
  • Downsizing, restructuring and the effects of ‘New Capitalism’ on employees